Pilbara offers first-rate, innovative apparel that is recognised by consumers as a brand that provides excellent value for the money spent. Designed for comfort by Ritemate Workwear, from corporate to country, the Pilbara Collection has something to suit your needs.

The newly developed "Pilbara Collection by Ritemate Australia" is an innovative and diverse brand that has rapidly expanded on the Australian market. The clothing line includes cotton stretch jeans, shorts, trousers, and long-and short-sleeved shirts for men and women. Stretch jeans are made of premium quality cotton elastane twill in assorted colours.

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The Pilbara Collection is known for its long-lasting textiles, real-world designs and comfortable clothing. These elements work together to provide stylish, everyday apparel that men and women love to wear because the Pilbara brand understands what customers want.