Rainbird believes that the weather shouldn’t get in the way of living life and having fun. For over 35 years they have been brightening up the day by making weatherproof gear that you will want to wear. Proudly designed in Australia by their team of weatherproof experts, they combine the three important aspects of colour, style and functionality into all their products so that you can look good while knowing you are protected from the elements.

Using the latest technologies in fabrics and finishes, the garments are rigorously tested to AUS/NZ standards to make sure they’re up to the job. Every product is Tried, Tested and Trusted, developed specifically to deal with the unique extremes of our Australian climate. Rainbird uses quality, functional and durable materials which offer a range of waterproof, windproof, grease and stain resistant garments.

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Hot one minute, wet the next, rainbird guarantee their collection can handle whatever weather is thrown at it. Rainbird believe and ensure that you can have a wardrobe full of innovative products that are there to keep you warm, dry and protected – whatever the weather. Rainbird products allow you to forget about the conditions and focus on the job at hand.